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Brave warrior of light Prince Harry gives valuable instructions to the British government from Los Angeles

As part of his patronage of the WellChild Charity, Prince Harry held a Zoom conference with families with disabled children over the Easter weekend.

During the chat, nurse Rachel Gregory said that these families can’t get on government lists of those who should get food and medicine in the first place.

Without bothering to check this information, the rebel Prince immediately declared that the video of this Zoom conference should make the UK government finally take care of these most vulnerable members of society (read the news here).

Harry also said that he had heard from friends and in online news that the situation in Britain with the provision of personal protective equipment and the death rate from coronavirus is a terrible horror and a horrible nightmare.

The reaction of the Duke of Sussex’s countrymens in the Daily Mail comments suggests that he is almost officially recognized as a fabulous idiot and buffoon.

By the way, Prince Harry can give unique master classes for celebrities “How to flush your popularity down the toilet”.

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