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Harry is looking for a job and dreams of returning home, and Meghan is preparing a new performance

During the day, Harry went through five places, but without the necessary qualifications and experience, no one wanted to hire him. The money from the bike sale ran out ten days ago, and Prince Charles’s gold cufflinks, which he promised to send him as a financial aid, were somewhere delayed on the road. Oh, the mail, and Harry had been expecting a package since last week. Probably, because of the riots and protests, many branches are closed.

As soon as the Prince entered the room that Tyler Perry had assigned to him and his wife as a living room, he began brushing the dog’s fur and paw marks from his clothes. Meghan was sitting in front of the mirror, holding some small gold jewelry that looked like new earrings to her ears.

“Are you back yet, Harry?” the Duchess murmured, not looking at her husband.

“Yes,” said Harry, sitting down on the sofa. “You know, Meghan, I wanted to get a job as a creative Director at a very big firm, but the woman in HR said that the gardener’s job was already taken. The Gardener, Meg! When I said I was Prince Harry, she laughed, and replied that in that case, she was Meghan Markle!..

The Duchess of Sussex turned proudly to the Prince and looked him up and down. The beard, the “I fell out of the hayloft” hairstyle, and the shirt from her College days were all she saw.

“No Wonder, Harry. It’s a good thing she didn’t mistake you for a pizza delivery guy…from Burger King, ” the wife joked, laughing. “Where are the shirts Adele bought you?” At least they’re clean…

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“She took them all back,” said Harry, sounding offended. – – She has a new fan, some young and red-haired rapper, and she said that these shirts will now be useful to her… For him. I don’t see how she could…

Disappointed, Meghan turned back to the mirror, still admiring the gold jewelry. A clever plan was already forming in her mind, but she did not want to discuss it with her husband. Harry will only help her in its implementation, but he will be sure that he came up with everything himself. This was the case with Megxit.

The Prince, meanwhile, had secretly borrowed a laptop from Tyler Perry’s office to go through the job ads again. Suddenly, he screamed and almost dropped the laptop from his hands.

“Meghan, look, it’s written about me!” Prince Harry exclaimed in surprise. “It says here that William is calling me back home to London. He’s worried about mine… for our safety, and offers me to return home, to my family, to my grandmother’s Palace!.. Why don’t I know anything about this?!

Meghan rolled her eyes wearily and turned back to her husband. This 35-year-old still believes in fairy tales and Santa Claus.

“Harry, what do you think?” How else can we stir up the Windsor swamp and get your family to help us? the Duchess of Sussex explained slowly and clearly, with a reproachful look in her eyes. – Or do you think it’s right that we are sitting here in danger, saving every cent and we still haven’t been invited anywhere: neither to the movies, nor to any events to perform for a fee? Your relatives should help us, it is their sacred duty!

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It was obvious from Harry’s face that he had not yet grasped what was being said. He stared at his wife’s new gold earrings and couldn’t figure out where they came from, since they couldn’t afford any jewelry right now. Meanwhile Megan continued:

“Papa Charles, William, and grandma will read this news and they will realize that they really should do this: take us back and give us all our titles, our website, write off our debts, evict Kate from Kensington and put us there…

The Duke of Sussex sat in his chair, thinking hard about his last day at home. The service staff organized a dance party, a huge banner reading “Megxit Forever!” was put up in the garden, and Papa Charles, Camilla and the others set off fireworks in the backyard as a sign of sadness.

“Meg, do you think they’ll be happy to see us back?” the Prince asked doubtfully. Of course, he would like to return to his homeland, but that would mean admitting defeat. How could he, the head of the family, the Prince and Duke, sixth in line to the throne, return to London amid the guffaws of the English? He looked at his wife for support.

But Megan was sitting at her Desk, writing on a piece of paper with a pen that was carefully scribbling out some kind of calligraphic squiggles.

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“What are you doing, Meg?” Harry asked.

– Writing a speech. William’s birthday is coming up. On this day, I will record and publish a video message to some protection organization… for the protection… someone. In General, all the attention will be on me. Harry, I’m almost done. Look what I got:

“In view of the gravity of the situation and the complexity of the responsibility that we bear to all representatives of future generations, we must help and smooth out the sharp corners of intolerance and show patience to be patient. We have a global task to inspire and show all that we have to show in support of those who need our support.”

“What do you think, Harry?” Doesn’t that sound nice? Megan asked, beaming and pleased with herself.

But Harry did not hear his wife’s exciting speeches, he looked at her earrings and the picture in his head began to clear up.

“Meg, where did you get those earrings?” “are these by any chance my father’s melted-down cufflinks that I’ve been waiting for for a week?”!

Megan’s face changed…

This is a made-up story. Don’t take it seriously. Thanks for your attention! To be continued…

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