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High Court judge rules that Meghan can be accused of “collaborating” with Finding Freedom authors

The Duchess of Sussex has lost the latest round in her £3m legal battle with a Sunday newspaper over publication of a letter she wrote to her dad. A judge has ruled The Mail on Sunday can use a biography of the Sussexes in its defence, – Richard Palmer reports on Twitter.

The judge, Master Francesca Kaye, said she made no view on the strength of the newspaper’s case but allowed it to amend its defence to include the biography, Finding Freedom, by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand.

The paper claims Meghan and Harry cooperated with the biography and wanted some private details to become public. Meghan’s lawyers essentially argued they had not cooperated and that was evident by glaring inaccuracies in the biography.

That’s good news because the fact she and Harry didn’t sue the authors of that “biography” says a lot.. they were clearly involved on it!

Otherwise, how would Scooby Doo know that she was watering the bushes in Botswana, and Harry was glad to see it.

And somewhere in Montecito, frying pans are flying…

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