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How Meghan Markle is preparing to participate in a Broadway musical

The Duke of Sussex was pacing the lawn nervously, trying to reach his elderly father on the phone at his Scottish residence:

– Hello! Well, you can hear me perfectly well, I know! Hello, dad… you have great hearing… Dad, don’t worry, I’m not calling for money.

Harry looked around warily, then up at the sky. The paparazzi promised by Tyler Perry on helicopters were not yet visible, but maybe they were scared by the not too clear sky? Or maybe the Hollywood hacks have run out of drones? The other day, he managed to shoot down a drone by throwing a shovel at it, although it turned out that this device was purchased by Tyler for Meghan to learn how to operate it.

“Dad, I’m calling to see how you’re doing.”.. the Prince continued.”What alarm system?” Well no… Nothing is burning… What fire alarm? It’s not a siren, it’s Meghan singing. Yes, dad, she also sings. Now she takes vocal lessons from a famous teacher. Where did the money come from? On credit, dad. At first, her friend Beyonce will help her, you don’t know her. Well, Meg wants to get the lead role in the Broadway musical Catwoman, and now she’s taking singing and dancing lessons. You see how talented my wife is! She does everything, no matter what she does. What does “money to waste”mean?.. Dad, you’re being very unfair to her. She tries to get as high as possible, and she will succeed, I am sure of it!.. You all disliked her, I know that. From the first day she set foot in the Palace. All right, I agree, you were okay with her. And grandma?.. My grandmother never liked Meghan.

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Meghan’s vocal teacher ran past the Prince, heading for the gates of the mansion, as the lesson had already come to an end. So Harry only had a couple of minutes to talk to his father in a quiet environment.

“Papa, my Meg is very hard-working, you should see how hard she tries during her dancing lessons! She is constantly practicing, and yesterday she worked so hard that today she can hardly move her legs. But this is good, it means that there are successes. First, muscle discomfort, and then get used to it. Soon he will be dancing on the stage like a young Gazelle!.. Dad, do you know what I’m calling for? The fact is that the money from the sale of our bike is already running out. I don’t have any other bikes… No, dad, I don’t need a new bike. Remember when I gave you gold cufflinks for your 60th birthday? You never liked them… What makes me think that? You’ve never worn them! No, dad, I know you don’t like them, they’re lying around in the closet somewhere. Right? Well, you couldn’t give them to me… I can’t talk, Megan’s coming. I’ll call again tomorrow.

“H!” H! ” came Meghan’s voice. “Where are you hiding, ginger?”

The Prince’s wife appeared on the doorstep of Tyler Perry’s Villa, dressed in white workout pants and a gray top. The future Broadway star scanned the interior of the courtyard, trying to figure out the location of the Prince, who was huddled in a chaise longue. Harry hesitantly raised his voice: “I’m here, my Gazelle!” he ran to Megan.

“Come here and help me to the chair,” the Gazelle grumbled, and clung to her husband’s arm. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier that this dance class would make me feel as tired as if I’d had to listen to your relatives talk all day?”.. No, even then, it would have been easier for me. It is good that thanks to yoga I am well prepared for such loads, but it is still a real hard labor!

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“Meg, why don’t you give it up?” Harry asked cautiously,expecting a negative answer. And he was right. Megan perked up and gave her husband a stern look.

“No way! The Duchess Of Sussex Meghan Rachel Markle, the Countess of Dumbarton and Baroness Kilkil will never give up! Wait awhile… I will succeed! Soon Beyonce herself will be my backup singer, and I will not even let Adele near my dressing room!.. and J. Lo will beg to let her sing before my concert…

Meghan plopped down on a chaise longue, gazing sadly at the sky. Again, no helicopter with paparazzi. No helicopter, not even a run-down drone. Did the news of their upcoming participation in the musical not interest them? Then Markle remembered why she was looking for her husband and looked up at him in alarm.

“H, Omid Scobie called. He has bad news.

Harry, stirring a vegetable smoothie for his wife, almost dropped the glass from his hand.

“He says that things are bad and that people have started to withdraw their orders for our book EN masse and are demanding money back,” Meghan continued. “What do we do, Harry?”

“Why is that, Meg?” What about your secrets and revelations described in the book? People should be interested in this!

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“Scobie says that so much information about the contents of the book has been leaked to the Newspapers recently by insiders that it doesn’t make sense for people to spend money on buying the book itself,” the Duchess explained.

“Oh, indeed! “do you happen to know who the insiders are, Meg?” Who in the desire to advertise this little book, praised it so much that blurted out all its contents?

The Prince’s wife began awkwardly picking at the gravel with the toe of her Shoe, blushing guiltily.

“Harry, don’t scold me. .. You can see the state I’m in, it’s hard for me to move my leg from fatigue, I’m plowing like a horse, ” the Duchess said, barely holding back tears. “I keep working, working like Cinderella… You’d better get me something to eat, or I just don’t have the energy… What’s that noise, Harry? A helicopter? Helicooooooopter!

Meghan jumped out of her chair and jumped in the air, snatching her husband’s baseball cap off his head and waving it around. Fatigue as not happened!

“Harry, do you see this?” He still arrived, we are being filmed! and pushing the Prince out of her way, the Duchess skipped to the very center of the lawn, so that she could lie down prettily on a chaise longue at the edge of the pool. “H, don’t stand there, it’s going to fly away soon, catch up with me!”!! Here we are! Fly over here, over here!

This is a made-up story. Don’t take it seriously. Thanks for your attention! To be continued…

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