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Jennifer Aniston dreams of meeting Meghan Markle

Well, Markle doesn’t live quietly in Canada! Ran away from the Royal family to live the quiet life of an ordinary citizen, but without news about myself, my beloved, life is boring. So she begins to invent…

Then she signed a contract with disney, then Tom Cruise is looking for her role in Hollywood, then a whole Hollywood team almost persuades the” great actress ” Meghan Markle to star in all the best pictures of the best Directors of the dream factory.

And now in the field of view of the former actress got Jennifer Aniston, who for filming in the sequel to the film “Mysterious murder”, will come to Canada in the summer.

And now, according to an anonymous (as always) insider, the ex-wife of brad pitt is passionate about meeting the incomparable Meghan Markle. Not only that, she also turned out to be a zealous fan of the “star” of “Suits” – according to the same source.

“Jen has a lot of admiration for Meghan and loved her in ‘Suits,’ plus she’s open to them collaborating on projects together now that Meghan’s back in the entertainment world,” Radar quoted an insider as saying. “They have a lot in common and a number of mutual friends including the Clooneys, and there have already been some friendly exchanges between them.”

I don’t know about you, but I read such news as a bad joke! I’m sure Aniston didn’t even hear about a series like “suits” or an “actress” like Meghan Markle until she changed the role of Rachel Zane to the role of the Duchess of Sussex, which she also did poorly…

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Just because they have friends in common doesn’t mean they are friends with each other. In addition, Meghan’s so-called “friends” also appeared in her life at the moment when she “infiltrated” the Royal family.

Now that she has decided that she herself has some value, these “friends” begin to disappear from her life. It’s been a long time since anyone has heard of Clooney, and Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey have already renounced their support for the “rebellious” Markle. There’s a lot of talk about an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, but for some reason it doesn’t reach him. Maybe because of the frenzied employment of new mega-star Megan, poor DeGeneres can’t squeeze into her schedule?!

And at all… how is Jennifer going to meet Megan in the summer in Canada, if a couple of days ago Megan said that she was going to settle in California for the summer? Write it down, you’re lying, Megan!

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