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Kate’s mother and Megan’s mother: such different mothers of such different daughters

Kate and Megan have not been compared only by lazy, but not everyone knows about their mothers. And it was they who raised such completely different daughters, who then married the sons of Princess Diana and behaved in completely different ways.

Carol Middleton

Carol with her husband and newborn Kate

The future mother of the future Duchess of Cambridge, and for now just Carol goldsmith, was born in London on January 31, 1955. Her father, Ron, was a decorator, and her mother was a housewife and, according to her daughter’s recollections, a very remarkable person.

Carol’s mother was called the Duchess because of her always pointedly impeccable appearance. Kate had obviously picked up a lot from her grandmother, even borrowed a nickname to some extent.

Carol attended a very ordinary public school and went to work at the age of 16. Her parents couldn’t pay for College.

After working in Commerce, Carol pulled up her French and trained ground staff at the newly opened British Airways. There she met dispatcher Michael Middleton and married him.

Michael’s father, Peter Middleton, was Prince Philip’s co-pilot in 1962.

Kate’s grandfather will die in 2011, four days before the official announcement of her granddaughter’s engagement to Prince Philip’s grandson.

Kate’s grandfather and Prince Philip

A few years after their marriage, with two daughters, the Middletons moved to Jordan, where Michael worked as an air traffic Manager. Three and a half years later, they returned to England.

Carol was pregnant with her third child. James was born in 1987. In the same year, Carol founded Party Pieces, a company that sold everything needed for children’s parties in one place.

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Carol never says that she had to overcome a lot of things on the way to success, go through difficult times, sweat and blood to learn a new business for her, divide time between family and business. She claims that she initially knew it would work. She had almost no competitors and it was all very interesting to her. She always loved parties!

Perhaps this is the reason for her stunning success?

Start a business. On a poster – Carol and little James

However, the current prosperity of the Middleton family was built not only on the successful business of Carol. Her husband turned out to be a wealthy heir and received a substantial portion of the income from the trust Fund of one of his relatives.

Kate’s Parents

Evil tongues claim that Carol’s business is just her hobby and a cover for the true wealth of the Middleton clan.

She was originally married into a very wealthy family that pays all the bills. Carol’s business, before her daughter made the family famous, did not bring in £ 150,000 a year. The Middletons always spent much more.

In any case, Kate grew up in a traditional English family, which can rightly be called a clan. Here relatives hold on to each other and do their best to strengthen the financial position of the clan. Her mother became a full member of the clan.

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Carol Middleton of the Middleton clan

Perhaps that is why Kate is so willing to play the role of a member of another, much more powerful, clan and in every way contributes to its strengthening and prosperity. For her, this is the most common and familiar thing. She grew up with it.

Clearly pleased and even smug Kate

Doria Ragland

Little Megan with her mother

Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, was born on September 2, 1956 in the American city of Cleveland. Doria’s mother was a nurse and his father a merchant all sorts of things at flea markets.

It was a second marriage for Doria’s mother. The girl’s parents divorced in the early 80’s. My father remarried in 1983. This marriage of his also ended in divorce. Doria has a half-brother and sister-children from her mother’s first marriage, and a half – brother-her father’s son from her second marriage.

After school, Doria worked as a makeup artist at a film Studio in California, where she met her future husband, Thomas Markle.

Markle worked as a lighting designer at the Studio. He was already divorced and had two children.

They married in 1979, Megan was born in 1981, and they divorced in 1987 (according to some sources, in 1988).

Doria has changed many professions in her life: she worked as a travel agent, social worker, and yoga instructor. Once even started a business, but soon declared bankruptcy.

She studied art and received a master’s degree in social work (MSW) from the University of southern California.

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Her degree was paid for by an adult Megan

Doria never married again. Megan is her only child.

Doria now lives in California and fully supports her daughter’s canadian escapade.

What you can not say about Meghan’s father: he believes that she refused to be a Princess, betrayed the beautiful dream of all girls. However, father and daughter do not communicate for a long time. The breakup occurred after Thomas Markle tried to cash in on Meghan’s wedding and decided to sell family stories and personal photos.

Megan wrote to her father that he had broken her heart into thousands of small pieces.

Megan with her mother

Megan, like her mother, grew up without a normal, in the traditional sense of the word, family. There was no sign of the Middletons ‘ clannishness, let alone the wealth passed down from generation to generation.

Perhaps this is why she was never able to join the English Royal family and devote herself to its well-being and prosperity.

And it was naive to expect an American woman to understand what the institution of monarchy is for England, why it is needed here and why it should be constantly defended and strengthened.

Don’t blame Megan for something she didn’t try. She was trying! But she couldn’t convince anyone. You can’t play a role all your life, even if you are the most beautiful actress. And Megan is also a very lousy actress!

Meghan Markle and the Queen. Megan is clearly overreacting, isn’t she?
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