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Meghan Markle ‘gnashing her teeth’ as famed author set to write damaging tell-all

Meghan Markle is said to be “wailing” over news that famed British author Tom Bower will be writing a tell-all biography of the Duchess of Sussex.

Bower is known for his investigative journalism and has written unauthorized and damaging biographies of many famed personalities from the likes of Boris Johnson, Simon Cowell and Richard Brandson.

Seeing Bower’s plethora of experience book critic Jake Kerridge has warned that Meghan should fear over her secrets being unearthed.

Writing in the Telegraph, he said: “For a public figure they must be the five most terrifying words in the language: ‘Tom Bower’s writing your biography’.

“So there’s likely to be wailing and gnashing of teeth in Montecito today with the news that Bower has signed a six-figure deal to write the unofficial life of the Duchess of Sussex.

“If that treacly hagiography was a soothing ego-massage, Bower’s book will feel more like going 10 rounds with Tyson Fury.”

“Meghan Markle will be a rare female subject, but one assumes he wouldn’t be bothering with her unless he thought she had secrets to ferret out.

“It’s a safe bet that he won’t ignore the anomalies in the Duchess’s account of the past few years’ events, as Oprah Winfrey conspicuously did.”

It is said that Bower will spend 12 months conducting research in which he will interview friends, foes and associates of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex when curating the biography.

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It is expected that he will likely interview Meghan’s estranged family members, including her father, Thomas Markle.

Furthermore, it is reported that the author has signed a six-figure deal for the tell-all.


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