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Meghan Markle’s son lost in popularity to Baby Yoda

The American search service Google has published the top 10 most common searches of Americans for the word “baby”. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son Archie Harrison became the third most popular child-he was surpassed by Baby Yoda and the song “Baby Shark”.

The firstborn of the Dukes of Sussex has not become the most popular baby on the Internet. Contrary to the expectations of those who have closely followed the lives of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this year, their son Archie Harrison has become the third most frequent request in his mother’s homeland.

The search engine Google has published a ranking of the most frequently asked keywords from the United States for the past year, and, among others, published the top 10 children who are most interested in. In the list before the child of the former actress and the youngest son of Princess Diana was the children’s song “Baby Shark” about a small shark, which went viral this year. The first place went to one of the most popular characters of the end of 2019-Baby Yoda from the Saga “Star wars”.

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However, we can say that Archie, who was called simply “Royal baby” in the queries, became the most popular real baby of the outgoing year among American users. It also means that even the long-awaited child of one of the most popular couples in the world is not able to overcome the public love for memes in the United States.

Kim Kardashian-West’s children, daughter Cardi B, child of artist Trey Songz, offspring of TV host Andy Cohen were also included in the selection of the most interesting children for Americans.

Most likely, Archie Harrison, who was born in the UK, ranks third only among Americans. Members of the Royal family kept Meghan Markle’s may birth such a big secret that when the appearance of the boy was reported on social media, the public in the UK and the countries of The British Commonwealth wanted to know about the baby as much as possible. However, the Dukes of Sussex decided to give their child a normal childhood without the intervention of paparazzi and thus caused a wave of popular discontent.

Part of the overreaction of the press and British broadcasters like Piers Morgan was due to the expensive renovation of Frogmore cottage, the property of Elizabeth II in Windsor, which less than two years ago housed the apartments of employees of Buckingham Palace.

As with all the actions organized by the crown, the restoration of the building and subsequent repairs with the involvement of fashionable decorators and modern designers were carried out at the expense of taxpayers.

In mid-June, Palace officials said that the large-scale alteration cost British citizens $3 million. against this background, the private christening of the heir Prince Harry in the Queen’s private chapel seemed a mockery — all fans of the Windsor family used to pay for the “show”, but Meghan and Harry decided not to fulfill their part of the unspoken contract.

At the time, the Daily Telegraph published a piece stating that parents “cannot demand privacy for Archie, and at the same time ask citizens to sponsor their family’s lifestyle.” As a result, the world’s media correspondents were never able to find out which friends of the Dukes of Sussex became godparents to Lord Mountbatten-Windsor.

Most likely, the desire to protect his son from the paparazzi belonged not only to his mother — when Prince Harry commented on the constant criticism of his wife, he spoke negatively about the employees of the tabloids. According to Prince William’s younger brother, harassment by the press has been a sore subject for him since childhood, when he saw how journalists discredited his mother’s image in their materials. The death of Princess Diana was the cause of his mental health problems, which he told after years of working with specialists.

Not much is known about the character of the child, who is not yet a year old, but he is already traveling. In September, he attended the first official event — a meeting with the Archbishop of Cape town Desmond tutu during the Royal tour of the Dukes of Sussex in Africa. At the age of four months, Archie Harrison became the youngest member of the Royal family to attend the reception. In the presence of journalists, Prince Harry said that the little child “is already used to it.”

I wonder how Markle will survive this. Perhaps the court will be served at all.

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