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Michael Markle in his interview said that Megan’s father loved her more than his other children

What’s going on around Meghan Markle is very similar to a soap Opera called the Markle family versus miss Markle.

So that can be considered, that withdrew another a series of, where another as during condemns behavior his niece and uploaded Amateur photo with family holidays, on which Meghan Markle always in the center of the, always smiles and where all happy.

So, finally, uncle Michael Markle spoke up.

The one who, working in the press service of the American Embassy in Argentina, gave his twenty-year-old niece a prestigious internship at the Embassy.

He used his influence to personally speak to the Ambassador and vouch for Megan.

The importance of this internship is difficult to overestimate. After all, it was she who allowed Meghan to gain the status of a serious woman, ready to work at the international level.

In addition, the “Embassy internship ” always looked impressive on the resume and was the flag waved by Meghan’s PR service during the period of acquaintance with Prince Harry.

And now Michael Markle, the man who helped Meghan decorate the biography with a spectacular line, lives in a trailer Park and suffers from Parkinson’s disease and heart problems.

Of course, he’s upset he wasn’t invited to the wedding. He says that, despite his heart problems, he would have flown to England to walk his beloved niece down the aisle of the Church instead of his ailing father.

But no such request was made to him. He no longer hopes that Megan will ever turn to him and ask him how he feels.

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However, such words will not surprise anyone now.

But there was something in his interview that was not previously voiced.

What happened to Megan, in his opinion, is what happens to people when the “lower class” gets to the top.

He said staff at the Embassy where Meghan was interning called her character “difficult.”

Her character was also described by Royal insiders, who, explaining the reason for the departure of numerous assistants from the Dukes of Sussex, said that the reason for these departures in the” difficult character ” of the Duchess.

Michael marks called Megan a ” diva” and her character immature.

He believes that her father Thomas Markle, who spoiled his daughter too much and loved Meghan more than his other children, is to blame.

This interview uncle Megan can, of course, be called a desire to get their share of fame and some benefits from a wealthy relative.

However, Michael Michael is 80 years old, and most of all he needed a new pacemaker. But he had it recently.

After reading the interviews of numerous relatives of Megan, in which they, for the most part, complain about the inattention on her part and, to put it mildly, do not praise her, you can exclaim – and rightly, that from such relatives she fenced off.

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But look, isn’t that what she does in her interviews – complaining about the inattention of her new relatives and complaining about her life.

And one can hardly hope that she will ever praise any of them.

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