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Queen Elizabeth barred from removing Prince Harry from line of succession

Queen Elizabeth does not have the power or the authority to remove Prince Harry from the line of succession, even if she wants to.

According to Graham Smith, the CEO of Republic (an anti-monarchy campaign), “It is not up to the Royal Family what the line of succession is, it is not their decision to make.

“It is Parliament’s decision to make, the only person that can remove Harry from the line of succession apart from Parliament is Harry himself.

“Which again just highlights the stupidity of our monarchy. The royals have absolutely no power on that matter,” he said.

“I think the public and Parliament would not tolerate a move to find someone further down the line if something caused others to be removed from the line whether that is death or abdication. They may perhaps tolerate William but that is about as far as they would go.

“I would think if it starts going further down the line people are going to be saying we need to have a discussion about this because we did not expect it and did not want it so maybe we should start choosing who our head of state is going to be,” Smith concluded.

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