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Sarah Ferguson on Meghan Markle’s bullying and sex scandal involving Prince Andrew

In mid-November, Sarah Ferguson – former wife of Prince Andrew and daughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth-attended the Misk Global Forum in Saudi Arabia. Taking the opportunity, a representative of Vogue Arabia magazine met with the Duchess of York in her hotel room and discussed several important and pressing issues.

About Meghan Markle

This must be hard for Megan, and I understand her very well. It keeps up with the times, it’s luxurious. She was famous before. She’s gorgeous. Why can’t she be like that? Why not celebrate it? I don’t tend to give advice at all because it gets taken out of context, but I was in Megan’s shoes and I’m still in that state. I am always accompanied by a wave of negativity, it is sad and very tiring, hard and it is difficult to treat it indifferently. I hate bullying anyone, I do not accept bullying. And I’m incredibly sorry for Meghan and Harry, I can imagine the pain they’re going through because I went through the same thing myself.

Honestly, I got the impression that these words were written by Meghan Markle herself – they are so similar in the mouths of all those who try to stand up for the former actress in the press.


About criticism in the media

Reading this, you start to think that everything you say or do is bad and wrong. And at all that all goes not so. Front pages can be very violent. You’re starting to believe all this. My daughters are the same: they understand that they are not perfect, but nevertheless unpleasant information is written on the front page. And it’s hard.

With Sarah’s daughters-everything is clear – this is their fate, which they unfortunately did not choose, they were just unlucky to be born into the Royal family. As for Sarah herself, Kate or Meghan Markle, they chose their own path and knew what they were marrying princes. Only for some reason one never whines and complains, and behaves like a true Queen, and the other two always climb to the front, and then cry that they write about them on the front pages.

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About Princess Diana

I brought modern etiquette and fun to this family with Princess Diana. We were having a great time. It’s true, there’s no doubt about it. I loved her with all my heart. That time taught me the rules of communication, compromise, and compassion. To say exactly what I think, and not to worry if someone does not like it. But it is important to come to a compromise. I have learned forgiveness in any volume and form.

Perfectly! But what does that have to do with the Royal family? To brag that climbed in another’s monastery with the Charter-destiny of arrogant and narrow-minded persons.

About Prince Andrew

The last six months have been very difficult for me and my girls. It’s not easy to watch a wonderful man like Prince Andrew go through such pain. He’s the best man I know. What he has done for the UK is incredible and all the hype and accusations are just nonsense.

I don’t know what Prince Andrew has done for the UK, but the fact that he set up his family is a fact! I do not consider him a pedophile, he had sexual relations with adult Mature aunts who earned in the field of sex pleasures, but as the son of the Queen, he had no right to be so promiscuous.

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And the girls really sorry, but the sins of the fathers always meet the children. And this should be remembered by everyone and always!

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