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The story of Doria Ragland, Meghan Markle’s mother

Have you noticed that unlike Meghan Markle, whose name is already heard from every iron, we know almost nothing about her mother Doria Ragland? We know that she is a yoga instructor and social worker, that she divorced Meghan’s father when she was just 6 years old, and that the future Duchess of Sussex lived with her father from the age of 11 until she went to University. But where was her mother at the time? There is almost no information about the Duchess’s mother in the press, so we decided to fill this gap.

Doria was born to an antique dealer and a nurse in Cleveland. In addition to her, there were other siblings in the family, as well as half-siblings from her father’s first marriage.

Jeanette Ragland

Doria grew up in a simple family and went to a very ordinary school. She was pretty enough, and she had a lot of Boyfriends, and they were all older than her. There were rumors about her affair with a high school teacher. The consequence of this was early pregnancy and childbirth. The child was placed in foster care.

Then her parents divorced, and her father remarried to a girl of Doria’s age, and She got along well, both with her father and with all her siblings.

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After graduating from high school, Doria did not go to University. She occasionally worked part-time at a hair salon. And soon one of the brothers helped Doria move to Hollywood. So she began working in the dressing room of one of the news studios, but continued to dream of a luxurious Bohemian life with eternal parties. And once she was lucky – the make-up artist of one of the series got sick. Dorian was in the newsroom at the time and was urgently called to the next pavilion.

Doria was not going to be a simple make-up artist, making up stars, she tried her best to wedge herself into the actor’s party, and not into the team of the film crew. And she had a specific and well-defined goal ed O’neill-the future star of the series “Married and with children”. It is said that Doria went head over heels, and did not shy away from any means of achieving her goal. Soon for it already firmly entrenched the glory of the huntress with an angelic face.

One day, Director and producer Jerry Cohen invited Doria to one of the parties at his home, where she met Thomas Markle, who stood up for a young girl when she began to be molested by a tipsy Director.

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Thomas Markle, who worked as a lighting Director at the Studio, was a well-to-do man. At that time, his salary was a dizzying two hundred thousand dollars a year!

He started to take care of Doria and suppressed rumors of her bad reputation. The girl liked his gentlemanly behavior, but most of all liked the financial situation of the suitor.

Doria’s father was strongly opposed to his daughter’s relationship with Thomas, whom He considered an old libertine. But Doria skillfully manipulated the groom, saying that her father refused to support her financially and she does not know how to live on, because she does not have the means to live. Thomas had fallen in love with this ” unfortunate and defenseless girl”, so he proposed to her.

Doria didn’t invite the “dastardly father” to her wedding (does it remind you of anything?). However, unlike her daughter, Doria invited the rest of the family.

After the wedding, Dorian did not want to work at a film Studio and persuaded her rich husband to open a travel company for her, and also did not delay the birth of a child. So the future Duchess of Sussex was born.

In the next part, we will tell you the story of the divorce of Thomas Mark and Doria Ragland, as well as why her entire family turned away from her and why she spent 4 years in the colony.

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Information for writing this article was collected bit by bit in various Tumblr blogs. To be continued…

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