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The story of Doria Ragland, part 2

In the first part of the publication, we briefly told about the desire of the young Doria Ragland to find a rich husband from the actors ‘ party. Let not quite the way she wanted, but she found a husband, however, not from actors, but from a close environment-Thomas Markle worked as a lighting Director, received a good salary, and was not the last person on the set.

When Megan was born, she became a little Princess for her family – everyone carried her in their arms, everyone loved her, and since the family lived well even by Hollywood standards, she was not denied anything – she had everything she wanted.

But, since this article is not about Meghan (Samantha Markle, who promised to release her memoir book, will tell you more about her), let’s go back to Doria. She lived in clover down, but it was still not enough for her. And she began to suggest to Thomas that he was capable of more, because he had talent and connections (immediately I remember Prince Harry, who a few months after his marriage, too, thanks to his wife, realized that he was “an extra wheel” and decided to go his own way).

It is at this point that the troubles in Thomas Michael’s life begin. Many people have heard that he hit the lottery jackpot, winning an incredible amount of 700 thousand dollars (in some sources, the amount varies, but it is still huge). But this money did not bring Thomas happiness, because, in fact, he did not win it honestly. Thomas, on the advice of his beloved wife, used “connections”. Of course, people were suspicious that the TV show jackpot got a person working on television, and even in the same Studio where the shooting took place.

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Communication with the police began, and, of course, the friends immediately passed the entire scheme, trying to clear themselves of suspicion. It was during this difficult period of her life that Dorian decided to divorce her husband. She left, and without waiting for a divorce, filed for alimony, claiming maintenance not only for her daughter, but also for herself. During this period, Thomas Markle began to drink…

Ungrateful Doria, to whom Thomas provided a comfortable life, left her husband with debts and criminal cases. She not only sued for alimony, but also became a witness in his criminal cases. In America, close relatives can refuse to testify against their relatives without any consequences for themselves. But for Doria, the father of her daughter was probably not considered a close relative, so She was happy to give evidence in court.

But even that wasn’t the meanest thing about Megan’s parents ‘ relationship with Doria. During the divorce process, Doria, having hired a lawyer for Thomas ‘ money, demanded sole custody of the child, telling the court that Thomas was an aggressive alcoholic, dangerous for the child. Of course, Markle, who is in a terrible depression caused by the loss of his job, reputation and family, allowed himself to drink too much. And on one of these days, the Board of Trustees conducted an inspection. Of course, their verdict was in favor of the mother. Doria won all the court cases, and the unemployed Thomas was sent to forced dirty work so that he could pay alimony and benefits to the ” unemployed” Doria. The travel company that Thomas Markle opened for Doria with his own money was registered to him, but he did not receive anything from it. Doria did all the business, and she also received income, but she was officially unemployed.

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Doria began to enjoy herself. She had a good income from a travel Agency and received alimony for herself and her daughter. Doria and Megan often went on foreign tours, spent holidays on the Islands, visited expensive restaurants. Their life was interrupted only by Thomas, who constantly called and begged to be allowed to see Megan, who had no great desire to meet her father.

But, as usually happens, the higher a person rises, the more painful it will be to fall. Dorian, who is tired of the eternal ” harassment” Thomas, decided to get rid of him. Since, as we have already written, the travel company was officially owned by Thomas, Dorian decided to create problems for him by not paying taxes. In America, tax evasion is a serious crime, and you can go to jail for it, and since he already had a suspended criminal record, Doria expected to put her ex-husband behind bars for a long time. By doing so, she was going to kill two birds with one stone – not paying taxes and putting the responsibility on Thomas, who was so annoying her with his desire to see his daughter.


But, as the Russian proverb says, do not dig another hole, you will get into it yourself. So not everything happened the way Doria Ragland wanted it to. From witnesses, the tax service learned that it is she who is solely engaged in the Affairs of the firm, which according to documents belongs to Thomas Markle. The case was referred to the criminal police Department and then to the court.

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While the investigation was underway, Thomas re-raised the issue of custody of Meghan. He had a great family, all the members of which, including Samantha, filed papers so that at least one of them could get custody. However, this was not necessary – Thomas went through all the humiliating procedures in drug and psychiatric hospitals and proved his legal capacity – the jury decided in his favor.

Meanwhile, Doria, who faced 15 years in prison for the crime, received 4 years in prison for financial fraud, thanks to the good soul of Thomas, who hired her a good lawyer.

But why is Thomas, who has been treated unfairly all his life, and his family silent about the antics of the unscrupulous Doria Ragland, who is now the only one who is dear to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle?

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