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Wet armpits and triumphant eyes: Megan’s outing failed

From Canada, the Sussex brought a whole train of scandals. The Kingdom seemed to shake again as soon as Meghan Markle’s foot hit the ground from the plane’s ramp.

No sooner had the Sussex men returned than they announced that they were withdrawing their Royal authority. Now they will live in Canada, and in the UK to be on the run.

Megan also threw firewood into the fire of the fashion industry, giving once again a reason for slander. Rested and, by the way, very refreshed, she walked decorously by the hand with her husband at a reception at the house of Canada, where the Sussex went to Express their gratitude to the country for a warm welcome.

Megan was cheerful, smiling broadly and solemnly at the audience. Like, if you don’t break me, I’ll take it anyway. However, the Duchess’s smile and glowing eyes were distracted by her sweaty armpits.

No, well, with such blouses often happens such an embarrassment. But somehow you are a Duchess, you are dressed before every exit, considering all the details, there are, after all, a lot of antiperspirants.

In fact, poor Meghan was attacked again by journalists on her first day in London after her holiday. Maybe it’s right that Sussex decided to go into the shadows, because for 2 years Megan in this country and did not love.

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Who’s to blame?! Only myself! All by myself!

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